2021 Convention Demos.

2021 Tentative NYSTA Demo list


1:00   TBA

2:00   TBA

3:00   Angie Bercheilli (Trail Cams) In the basement At the Fair Grounds Office

4:00   Leon Windschitl “Top Lot Stretcher Co Putting Up Coon For Cash


8:00   JR Robinson “JR & Sons ( General Q + A)

9:00   Michael White “Sawmill Creek” (Fisher Trapper)

10:00 Mark Charpentier “Catskill ADC”(Bobcat /Coyote Trapping)

11:00 Jim Geffert “Night Owl Lures” (Lure Application)

12:00 Special Guest Speaker Rose Anna Moore Season 8 on Alone (History Channel)  How To Survive on Grizzly Mountain

1:00  Jeff Dunlap “Dunlap Lures” General Trapping

2:00  Joe Young – Marten/Fischer Trapping

3:00 Mark Zagger “Coyote U” ( Will Be Entertaining)

4:00 Leroy Renno “Rennos Animal Lures” Multi Species Sets

5:00 Rusty Johnson Southern Trapping Q & A


8:00    Lee Reuwsaat “Extreme Performance Baits/Lures (Predator Trapping)

9:00    Sarah Gomez “She Traps” On Coyote Trapping

10:00 Clint Locklear “Predator Control Group (Cat/K9s Q & A)

11:00  Von Strahan (Fox Trapping)

Noon:  Linda White “Trapping Girl” A Women’s Point Of View on the Trap Line

1:00    Jeff French – Mink Trapping