02/10/2024 BOD MEETING

Meeting was called to order at 9 AM with the Pledge.


– John Rockwood – is requesting that an Executive Session be held.

– Executive meeting held and adjourned 10:19 am. Resumed BOD Meeting at 10:31.

– Ed read letter of all his accomplishments.

– Letter from Roger Drake, read by John Rockwood, is requesting his spots back at the Convention.

(lots # 40,41,43,119,120)

– Resignation of William Swaggler


Scholarship: Bob Sommerfield/Charlie Lamb

– Emily Thompson – going to school for nursing.

– Ethan Hurd –  going to college for the Department of Environmental


– Zachary Isaman- is going to SUNY ESF in Syracuse for Environmental Resources Engineering.

– Motion made to give the college applicants that receive scholarship from NYSTA to receive a basic membership for 1 year.

Mark Charpentier (1st)

Paul Johnson (2nd)

Motion Carried

Finance: Ray Nolan

– nothing scheduled at this time.

– CD came due – gained money. Renewed at 4.5% X 9 months

Fundraising: Ken to review

– See Handouts

Convention/Rondy: Nothing to Report

– Mike Wilhite- looking for information to become a vendor at the Convention.

– Discussion on letting the Rondy go.

Trappers Camps: Don Hillman

– Ad for the youth camps are completed. On schedule for Columbus Day weekend. Pack Forest is no longer available for us. Discussion on having trappers camp held at Capital District Sportsman Center.


– Nate is asking if anyone is interested in taking over the NTA Director position. Jim Carmody expressed interest in the position.

– Nate is asking if NYSTA needs anything from him

FTA: Carl Fancher – absent. Ed to read letter received – letter received thanking us for our support last year by donating to their Sweepstakes. Asking for our donation for 2024 Sweepstakes.

– Motion made to send a trap and a print to the FTA for their Sweepstakes (and possibly a book).

Charlie Lamb (1st)

John Rockwood (2nd)

Motion carried

Membership: Given by Linda Bates

– 556 members

– 394 lifetime members

Website: Given by Ray Nolan

– discussion on ways he is going to improve the website.

JTI:  John Rockwood

– The Bobcat plan went out for public comments.


– Region 1&2 Regional Director (Craig Conway) – nothing to report

– Region 7S Regional Director (Ray Nolan) – Cortland County is the only active club in this region. Raffling off a crossbow.

– Region 7S Rep- (Dan Bates)- nothing

– Region 7N Regional Director (Charlie Lamb)- next meeting 03/05.

– Region 6 Regional Director (Don Hillman)- nothing going on

– Region 5N Regional Director- (Robert Sommerfield)- having dinner on

04/13. Contact Bob for any information.

– Region 5S Regional Director- (Paul Johnson)-Ballston Spa sale was better

than last year. The February Fur Sale was a success. Next auction is set

for 04/13.

– Region 3 Regional Director (Mark Charpentier)- nothing to report

– Region 4E Columbia Rep (Dick Leggett Sr.)- nothing to report.

– Region 8N Wayne County (Herm Flowers)- nothing to report

– Region 4E. County Rep (Jim Greeley) – report for Mid Hudson


– Has not heard from the council at all. Next meeting is April 6th at the Middleburgh Rod and Gun Club.

– The council will be notified of the new officers after our April Elections.

Executive Director: Dave Leibig

– Cable Restraint Bill

S785 Ortt

A6891 Buttenschon

– Leg Gripping Trap Bill

– A110 Rosenthal

– S1619 Addobbo

– A790 – prohibits fur products, manufacture, sale. display for sale, trade, giving, donations or otherwise distribution

– 790 Rosenthal

– S 3279 Brisport

– Lead ban bill

– A 2084A- Glick

– S4976- Harkham

– Meet and greet is scheduled for April 3rd. Meet by 8 am.

– Meeting with chairs Feb 13 Assembly Encon Chair and Feb 14th the

Senate. The DEC Wildlife Division ( Feb. 21st) .

DEC: none present

TREASURER REPORT: handouts provided

Motion to accept

John Rockwood (1st)

Don Hillmam (2nd)

Motion carried.


– Hold for 501C6- application (filed on 12/27) to be reinstated and the IRS

has 90 days to reply. (per Ray)

– will be getting a written narrative from CPA

– Bob Hughes received the following names for the following position.

– Secretary (Bob Shaut)

– Vice-President- no one at this time.

– President – Bob Sommerfield

– Motion made for Jim Greeley to be the interim VP until the April Meeting

– Jim Carmody

– Bob Hughes

Motion carried, 1 abstain


– A motion was made to nominate Charlie Lamb as Director at large.

John Rockwood (1st)

Don Hilman (2nd)

Motion carried /1 abstained

– Celebration of Life for Gordie will be held on May 11th.

– Discussion on the Hughes having a get together on their property in remembrance of Gordie. A date to be announced.

– Motion made that NYSTA will help with expense needed by the family for the Celebration of life that is being held on May 11th

John Rockwood (1st)

Bob Hughes (2nd)

Motion carried

Adjournment at 3:58 pm

Motion made to accept the changes in the February 2024 Minutes

Don Hillman (1st)

John Rockwood (2nd)

So carried