ALERT – Legislation to BAN Foot Hold and Conibear Traps

Legislative Alert

In June of this year a Bill was introduced into the House of Representatives by Representative Alma S. Adams of North Carolina.   The bill was then co-sponsored by Representative Nita M. Lowey of New York State.  This Bill titled H.R. 5560 – Public Safety and Wildlife Protection Act would restrict the use of steel-jaw leghold traps (their wording) and Conibear traps on animals in the United States.  Here is the the intent of the Legislation


(a) Prohibited Acts.—It shall be unlawful for any person—

(1) to import, export, deliver, carry, or transport by any means whatever, in interstate commerce, any steel-jaw leghold trap or Conibear trap; or

(2) to sell, receive, acquire, or purchase any steel-jaw leghold trap or Conibear trap that was delivered, carried, or transported in violation of paragraph (1).

Since, the legislation was introduced  Twenty (20) Representatives have signed on to this bill.  Two of which are from New York State. Representatives Charles B. Rangel and Carolyn B. Maloney

The New York State Trappers Association (NYSTA) in cooperation with our National Representatives will be closely monitoring the legislation.  In the meantime NYSTA is asking for everyone to contact your Representatives with your opposition to this bill.  Please keep your comments appropriate and respectful .  If you are not sure who your Representative is.  This link HERE will allow you to look up the information.