NYSTA Monies Investigation

To All NYSTA Members,

Myself and a few other voting members of NYSTA’s Board of Directors recognized some inconsistencies in the Treasurer’s Reports being given at our regular quarterly board meetings.  We also could not understand why there continued to be many complaints from trappers who had signed up for memberships and never received anything back from NYSTA although it had been reported to us that all membership issues were “fixed”.  One approach we took in an effort to understand these inconsistencies, and to get to the bottom of the membership issues, we tried to conduct an internal audit of the NYSTA accounts in April of 2015.  However, although we had asked for two years worth of bank statements and ledgers, we were only given a few months worth of bank statements and told that all others were unavailable – they had been lost or misplaced.  This was unacceptable.

Therefore, because we have continually met with stumbling blocks when trying to get concrete answers, analysis, and records of financial transactions, we were left no choice but to request outside help.  Outside audits by auditing firms are extremely expensive and we would need to produce records. We did not feel NYSTA could absorb the costs of expensive outside audits.  We also could not produce the required records as they remained unavailable to us.

For those reasons we had no choice but to contact the New York State Police for assistance.  The case is being investigated by the Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) unit at the Waterloo barracks in Waterloo, NY.  The BCI unit arrested and charged a suspect with Grand Larceny 4th degree.  The suspects name was later released to the Cayuga County Police Blotter.

At this time, the above facts are all that we can report as the investigation is still ongoing.  A committee has been formed within NYSTA to research back records as far as we need to go as soon as the necessary records are made available to us by the banks.  Our members will be further informed when more information is available and when it is appropriate to distribute that information.

John Rockwood, President

New York State Trappers Association