NTA Alert! URGENT!!!

All Members! John Glowa, the anti-hunting & trapping advocate, is proposing two new rules dealing with
coyote hunting and trapping!!***
You can find information on both of these rules here: https://www.maine.gov/ifw/news-events/rulemaking-proposals.html. They are also attached for your review.
We understand that anti-trapping and hunting advocates are submitting many comments to DIFW in favor of these rule proposals. We would like your help to demonstrate to the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife that there is significant opposition to these proposed rules and that they undermine Maine’s scientific wildlife management strategies.
Will you please take a few minutes to send a respectful email to DIFW with your comments opposing these proposed rule changes?
Comments can be emailed to: Becky Orff, Becky.orff@maine.gov
Here’s some thoughts to consider:
For the Predator Hunting Contest rule proposal (chapter 16):
-John Glowa is proposing to amend the definition of coyote to include wolf DNA
-Establish a registration requirement for coyotes
– Establish a daily bag limit of 1 coyote (posession limit of 5)
– Modifying the coyote hunting season
– Prohibiting coyote/predator hunting contests
– Prohibiting the take of coyotes under 40 pounds (how would this ever be possible?)
For the Coyote Trapping Season rule proposal (chapter 17):
– Would remove coyote from the statewide general trapping season
Sending a quick, thoughtful and respectful email to DIFW will help us defeat these two proposed rule changes. As always, please email me at jmcotecompany@gmail.com if I can answer questions or provide more information. Thank you for your help!
James Cote
Maine Trappers Association