NTA. March President’s Report

John Daniel

President, NTA

13740 Birchwood Pike

Birchwood, TN 37308

(423) 595-0986



March 2021


February and March has been a busy month. Our Call to Action membership drive is off to a great start, but we need more members. There is strength in numbers and weakness in the lack thereof.

Since January I have been a part of dozens of conference calls and zoom meetings trying to protect trapping.

Trapping is being portrayed as an outdated no longer necessary thing, practiced by a very small group of individuals who just can’t come to grips with the fact that this is 2021 instead of 1821.

The lack of unity among our ranks gives them a sound argument. It makes us look like self-centered individuals who only care about a few extra dollars in his or her pocket at the expense of other beings and other people.

You and I know this not to be the case but that is how they are using our lack of unity against us.

Other groups, cultures and races are prevailing in their quest for what they want because they are sticking together and showing unity.

The trappers of New Mexico are on the brink of losing trapping . They are doing so because their opponents started the process 10 years ago and have been relentless. This is a 365 day a year conquest for them.

I sat and listened to our side present the better, stronger, more scientifically-correct evidence but the Committee majority had already been convinced, or in some cases spent the time getting elected just to beat trapping.

I think we have been looking at this all wrong. We look at the legislative season as the battle ground. In reality it’s more like the state championship.

The more important games have been played throughout the year. This is just to determine the overall champion.

Many are not gonna like what I’m about to say but the bottom line is in many cases we are losing this for ourselves. Too many want to play the game solitary instead of being part of the team. Too many want to pick apart the ones who are trying to win for us all instead of showing support.

I have read where individuals have posted on various forums that they choose to promote trapping on their own because of this reason or another. Well that is great and you will reach a few but the fact is it will be too few.

Like it or not the facts are, we must have a larger voice through unity or we will not survive. We are making progress in some states and we should use their success as models to build on but if we don’t grow our numbers to show our significant support of each other I fear our victories will be short lived.

We haven’t lost but with the times changing so fast we have to up our game. Our future is dependent on each and every trapper and his or her willingness to step up. Differences of opinions, personalities and politics should not keep us from pulling together for the greater good.

Our country became great because we had strong independent individuals who recognized the need for unity if they were going to continue to be independent.

Think about that last statement and what it means.

Our future depends on our unity.