The Erie County Trappers Association received Thanks from their 2017 Herb Eble Award recipients. The Herb Eble Award recognizes Herb Eble who from 10 years old right up to his 90th birthday was an active trapper.  He was known for his skills in trapping, pelt preparation and inspired many to continue the tradition.  Herb was a founding member of the Erie County Trappers Association maintaining a Lifetime Membership with Erie County as well as with the New York State Trappers Association.  Since the Award program was started in 2001. Sixty-nine applications with six from the past year have applied. To apply one submits an Essay under the Title, "Why I want to be a Trapper".  Winners receive a fur bag full of traps and fur handling equipment.  Winners also receive memberships in ECTA, Cattaraugus County Trappers Association, and NYSTA (w/Trappers Post)It should also be mentioned that four of the six kids were attendee's at the Pat Arnold Youth Trapping Camps held every year on Columbus Day Weekend.  

The 2017 winners were Eliora  &  Zeek Emmott.   


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